Soil Sampling Equipment

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Proudly designed and manufactured by Arborline in Hamilton, Victoria.

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Arborline Equipment Pricing Guide 2017 (Online sales coming soon)


Arborline Soil Sampler

Arborline Soil Sampler

• For fast and accurate collection of samples for analysis

Soil Sampler Tip Kit

• Now made entirely of stainless steel with new design screw in tips

• Tips now available in three different diameters to allow easier use in varying soil types: 22, 25 and 32 mm diameter – available in kit form with spanner

• Lengths available: 75, 100, 150 and 200mm

Upgrade offer for those with green painted soil sampler with “three screw” tips: when a kit of three tips with spanner is purchased, if the sampler is returned it will be upgraded to take the new screw-in tips free of charge



Arborline Drill / Auger Sampler

Arborline Drill/Auger Sampler

• Combined sample to 700mm deep

• 24mm auger supplied – designed to use with a cordless drill

• Collect sample into catching chamber








Arborline Deep Core Open Sided Soil Sampler

Arborline Deep Core Soil Sampler

• Removable extraction pin and separate striker cap

• 16mm core, 27mm tube with 2.4mm wall and 1m long

Other lengths and diameters available – Arborline has manufactured a range of soil sampling equipment over the last 20 years. Please enquire if you have a specialised need.