Arborline manufactures a range of soil sampling equipment for varying needs. Listed on this page is information on the three types of sampler available. All equipment is currently sold via phone or email (online shop coming soon).

For orders: Phone: 03 5572 4018      Email:

The current equipment price list is available for download here:

Arborline Equipment Pricing Guide 2022

We have manufactured a range of soil sampling equipment over the last 20 years. Please enquire if you have a specialised need or require advice on equipment.

Arborline Soil Sampler

  • For fast and accurate collection of samples for analysis
  • Made entirely of hard-wearing stainless steel with screw-in removable tips
  • The standard soil sampler is sold with one tip (100 mm length, 25 mm diameter) and a spanner
  • The soil sampler kit is sold with three tips and a spanner in a storage pouch (100 mm length; 22, 25 and 32 mm diameter)
  • Tips are available in three different diameters to allow easier use in varying soil types: 22, 25 and 32 mm diameter
  • Other standard lengths are available: 75, 100, 150 and 200 mm
  • Upgrade offer for those with green painted soil sampler with “three screw” tips: when a kit of three tips with spanner is purchased, if the sampler is returned it will be upgraded to take the new screw-in tips free of charge
  • Tip advice: 100 mm is the length used for collection of standard soil samples

Arborline Drill / Auger Sampler

  • Combined sample to 700mm deep
  • 24mm auger supplied – designed to use with a cordless drill
  • Collect sample into catching chamber

Arborline Deep Core Open Sided Soil Sampler

  • Removable extraction pin and separate striker cap
  • 16mm core, 27mm tube with 2.4mm wall and 1m long
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